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Purchasing your home is a very exciting time, and being well-prepared will help you make the best decisions. Take this opportunity to learn all you can about home buying and the mortgage process. For answers to even more of your questions, call us at (732) 634-1000 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Am I Really Ready to Buy?

If you’re asking this question, chances are you’re ready. A common myth is that monthly mortgage payments are more expensive than rent - they can often be less expensive. And remember, every payment you make towards a mortgage builds more and more equity into a home of your own. Kingdom First can help you decide whether buying makes financial and practical sense to you. You can start by taking a look at the Types of Loans we currently offer. 

How much “house” can I afford?

The first step you should take toward finding the right home is to compute your personal purchasing power. This will help you determine a reasonable monthly payment which you can comfortably afford. Finding out this information will not only help you save time in the present (by focusing on homes within your price range), but also save you from future frustrations. Use our Affordability Calculator to get started. 

How do I secure a Pre-Approval?

This is a great question that many potential home buyers overlook. Before you begin the search for your new home, it’s imperative you secure a pre-approval  from an experienced company like Kingdom First. A pre-approval will show real estate professionals that you are a serious buyer. We can provide you with some answers when you fill out our simple Quick Quote form. 

Here to Help

With our help you can feel confident starting your personal loan or refinancing process.

Need a Real Estate Agent?

Kingdom First Realty is committed to a non-traditional sales approach. We are not about making a sale today. Rather, we are committed to humbly serving you, our customer, and being there when you are ready, with no pressure to make a sale.


"My husband and I always dreamed of owning our own home. When our daughter was born, we knew it was time."

− Jessamine Mangali,

Mortgage Customer

Jessamine Mangali

| Mortgage Customer

“We tried the big banks but there was no personal touch, we were just another name on a piece of paper. Then we heard Chris’ ad on Star 99.1, and decided to make the call. We’re so thankful God led us to Chris and the team at Kingdom First Mortgage. From the very beginning, Chris made us feel important. He always took our phone calls and was so patient to answer all our questions. We closed on our home earlier than expected, and Chris delivered exactly what he quoted us upfront - just as he promised. My husband and I highly recommend Kingdom First to all [who will] listen!”